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Empowering Management to Drive Project Success

The Challenge
Projects drive strategy. When strategic initiatives succeed, the enterprise moves forward. But when they fail, the entire strategic plan can be placed in jeopardy. Project success depends on many factors, not the least of which is the input, guidance and work of the Management Team. Unfortunately, the extent to which management has impact on final project outcomes is often poorly understood.

The Solution
The impact of management in projects is significant. It is generally accepted that management is responsible for defining business strategy and then funding the projects required to accomplish that strategy. But management's role in projects goes much further, and includes:
  • Building support in the organization for effective project practices
  • Maintaining an effective balance of project and operational work
  • Using capacity planning to manage the project pipeline
  • Ensuring that project staff have appropriate tools and training
  • Providing constructive project oversight
Those managers who sponsor projects have additional, and very important, responsibilities such as:
  • Defining the project's long-term Business Value
  • Getting the right people involved in the project
  • Providing adequate resources and time for the work
  • Ensuring that quality in deliverables is sufficient for realization of Business Value
  • Supporting and guiding their projects
This advanced workshop for managers clearly defines managementís role in driving project success, presents actionable best practices that managerís can immediately implement, and provides ample opportunity for managers to apply these principles to their own, real world initiatives. The workshop includes an actual, hands-on assessment of current management level project practice.

Who should attend
Empowering Management to Drive Project Success will benefit anyone who wants to get the most out of every project dollar, including CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, other Senior Executives, PMO/COE Director, Functional Managers and Executives with project responsibility, Portfolio Managers, and anyone who uses projects to execute Business Strategy.

Learning Objectives Ė Understand the following:
  • The strategic importance of projects and programs
  • Nature of project success
  • Obtaining Business Value from projects
  • Why managementís role in projects is critical
  • How management can foster a supporting project environment
  • Special role of the Project Sponsor
  • Four factors that optimize long term project value
  • Steps a Sponsor can take to support their project investments
  • Management Best Practices that support projects
  • Conduct a management level project practice assessment
Learning Approach
  • A highly experienced instructor will use an interactive lecture format, group discussions and other techniques to drive home the essential points of this material.
  • This workshop includes a brief management level project practice assessment. This assessment provides each participant with insights about how to improve use of management best practices in their own organization.
  • We will build on your prior experience in this topic, while providing you with a structure and vocabulary to use in future projects.
  • You will receive a Student Guide which will help you follow the material, take notes and retain what you learned so that you can apply it on your job.
Why should I take this workshop?
  • Empowering Management to Drive Project Success provides managers at all levels with steps they can take to ensure that their projects are a success. Attendees should be able to make immediate use of the practical steps presented in this workshop.
  • Take this workshop and learn what you can do to ensure that your projects deliver the intended Business Value.

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All of our courses are fully compliant with the latest release of each relevant standards document such as the PMBOK® Guide, Standard for Portfolio Management, BABOK® Guide, and others.
Course Information
Course ID: 1732
Duration: Half Day
Class size: 6 to 40
· PMP® certified instruction
· Student Guide
· Participation Certificate
· 3 PDUs

Download this course description as a printable PDF document.
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